Rebuilding Our Church


The Church, to paraphrase 1 Peter 2:5, is built of living stones who are the people of God. We all know that a church is not just a building.  It is the house of God in our midst.  It fulfills God’s promise from the Old Testament that he will once again live in our midst and even in our neighborhoods. 

A church is precious because it houses the children of God when they come together to celebrate Christ’s coming among us each time we celebrate the Mass. We, the people of God, draw strength and courage to forgive one another, go into the world filled with God’s Spirit, and proclaim the Gospel by our words and our deeds. 

The people of God are precious to the Lord. We are His body, His chosen people, and the instruments by which His Kingdom is proclaimed and made concrete in the world. 

But it is in the Church building that we come face to face with Christ our Lord and we share communion with all those who are members of His heavenly Kingdom. The church building then is the Gate of Heaven and reflects the heavenly Jerusalem. 

The willingness to be the people of God starts at the Altar in the Church. The great gift we receive of intimate communion with God and the promise of eternal life is meant to be shared with the world.  Our faith is meant to be reflected outward toward the community we live in, like the shining face of Christ looking with love upon His people. 

Our endeavor of rebuilding our church – especially as it reflects our care for the future health and vitality of our parish – is a great gift we bestow for future generations. This project, along with our new gymnasium, will not only affect every person in our community today, but it will benefit and serve the needs of our children and grandchildren. 

As the sacraments of baptism, reconciliation, first communion, confirmation and marriage and the funeral rites of our members are celebrated, we confirm God’s presence among us today and are confident that for many generations the light of Christ will show forth from St. Mary Magdalen Parish and its people.

We entrust this campaign to our blessed Mother and our patron, St. Mary Magdalen.

Thank you in advance for your response in faith,                             

Father Hans M. Olson                                                                     

Pastor, Saint Mary Magdalen Parish/Saint John Mission