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Environmental Ministries

Altar Society

The Altar Society assists the parish in the upkeep of the interior of the church.  This includes cleaning, altar linen and robe care, flowers, candles, and seasonal decorations.

Altar Linens & Liturgical Decoration Ministry

St. Mary Magdalen: Pat Jennings, 425.290.7357
St. John Mission: Anna Spangenberg, 425.374.9216

Altar Server Garment Cleaning Ministry 

           Contact: Jennifer Edson, 425.397.8097

Candles & Brass Ministry

Contact: Sue Rivord, 425.330.7813

Church Cleaning Ministry


St. Mary Magdalen: Charlene Osborn, 360.668.2545

St. John Mission: Mike Ankrom, 425.258.8957

Communion Linen Ministry

Contact: Rosario Sagnis, 425-347-5347

Floral Ministry


 St. Mary Magdalen: My Tran, 509.981.4626

St. John Mission: Patty Cox, 425.513.9673

Garden Committee

The Garden Committee is responsible for planting and maintaining a parish garden that produces flowers for the church and vegetables to be distributed at the St. Vincent De Paul food bank located on campus.

Contact: Charlene Osborn, 360.668.2545

Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen Committee oversees the use of and maintains the cleanliness of the parish kitchen and stocks kitchen supplies.

Contact: Parish Office, 425.353.1211

Funeral Reception Committee

Provides funeral receptions for those in the parish that have experienced the loss of a loved one. Volunteers serve as hosts for the reception and/or provide donations of hot dishes, salads and desserts.

Contact: Parish Office, 425.353.1211

Library Committee

The Library Committee tracks, organizes and maintains the parish collection of spiritual books and DVD’s.

Contact: Parish Office, 425.353.1211


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Altar Society 

Please make checks payable to:
St. Mary Magdalen

Order Form and payment deadline:
November 9, 2020

Pick up times (parish hall):
Saturday, November 28
10:00am - Noon
Sunday, November 29
9:00am - 3:00pm