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Religious Education

Pre-K Through 5th Grade


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New Schedule for Fall 2020!


We have adapted our schedule in order to have the smaller class sizes that would allow for social distancing. Essentially, instead of having roughly 200 students every week, we will meet with about 50 spread out throughout the whole school. The rotation will be based on class level. Students will be expected to continue with formation at home with the help of their parents during the weeks they do not meet with their RE teacher. More on this will come later.

This blended approach will let us more easily transition to pure remote learning in the event of being moved to phase 1 or 2, and it will allow us to meet again swiftly if conditions improve.

Mondays, 7-8PM

1st Mondays: 1st graders meet

2nd Mondays: 2nd and 3rd graders meet
(2nd year of first communion prep, parents attend parent class)

3rd Mondays: 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders meet
(regular religious education or first year of first communion prep)

4th Mondays: 4-5th and 6-8th  graders
(2nd year of first communion prep, parents meet for parent class)

Parents who are able to volunteer in the classroom do not need to pay the RE fee AND do not need to attend the parent class. Please contact Rachael if you're interested.

We need your input so we can prepare as best we can for
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Registration for 2020-2021:

Preschool - 5th Grade

Grados PreK-5 (en español)

6th - 12th Grade First Communion

Grados 6-12 Primera Comunión (en español) 


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Upcoming Events:


July 17th: First Communion

July 24th: First Communion

July 31st: First Communion
See First Communion Page)

         July 30th: We launch our FREE,  totally virtual VBS. (No conference calls!) 

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For More Information On
Religious Education
Please Contact:

Rachael Johnson
Pastoral Assistant for
 Faith Formation
425-353-1211 ext 106