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Religious Education

Preschool/Kindergarten & Grades 1-8


Become involved in leading our youth toward Christ!


There are opportunities to teach or assist 

Sunday mornings 9:10-9:50AM and

Monday evenings 7-8PM.


Please contact Rachael Johnson by calling 425-353-1211 ext 106 or emailing

Important dates:

Aug. 26th 6:00-8:30PM Teacher In-service/Retreat
Sep. 8th 9:10-9:50AM First Day Sunday Classes
Sep. 9th 7:00-8:00PM First Day Monday Classes



Registration for 2019-20 classes is now OPEN!

Please note: We will NOT be receiving registrations during the first class. Students must be registered online or on paper during office hours. Students will not enter class without first being registered.

Tenga en cuenta: NO recibiremos inscripciones durante el primer día de clases. Los estudiantes deben estar registrados a través del internet o usando los papeles de registro durante el horario de oficina.  Tambien se pueden registrar después de que las clases hayan comenzado para el año. No se permitirá la entrada a clase a los estudiantes que no están registrados

These classes are for students in 1st-8th grade wanting to learn more about Christ and for students needing to prepare for the sacraments of 1st Confession and 1st Holy Communion.

Religious Education Registration for Grades Preschool through 8 is now OPEN. Please see classes, schedules, and registration links below. You may register online, in the Parish Office, or find a form in the vestibule of the church.


Preschool/Kindergarten classes take place on Sundays from 9:10 AM to 9:50 AM.

Registration in English            Registration in Spanish

Preschool/Kindergarten 2019-20 Calendar is available here.


Grades 1-8 classes,  which also include preparation for 1st Reconciliation/1st Holy Communion, take place on Mondays from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

                                       Registration in English            Registration in Spanish

Grades 1-8 2019-20 Calendar is available here.

Also, for those in their second year of sacramental preparation, mark your calendars for these important dates Group 1 // Group 2. (Groups are based off of classrooms. These are announced on the first day of class.)


Grades 7-8 - CONFIRMATION Prep, please note that the Confirmation Age requirement has lowered to 12 years old - 7th grade. Confirmation classes will take place on Sunday evenings from 5:45PM-7:45PM. 

Register in the Parish Office with the yellow form, or you can register online in English or Spanish!

Confirmation Calendar 2019-20 is available here.

Students in 7-8th grade still needing 1st Reconciliation/1st Communion will prepare this year for 1st Communion on Monday evenings (register using the above link for Grades 1-8). They will prepare for Confirmation the following year on Sunday evenings.



Interested in volunteering in one of our programs?  

Contact Rachael Johnson if you would like discuss volunteer opportunities at OR call (425) 353-1211 ext. 106







Upcoming Events:


First day of PreK/K classes: September 8th @ 9:10AM

First day of 1-8th grade classes: September 9th @ 7PM


Registrations for 2019-20 is now live!






For More Information On
Youth Activities and Ministries
Please Contact:

Rachael Johnson
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