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Youth Ministry

Grades 6th-12th

Click here to Sign-Up for a Confirmation

Please read guidelines below before signing-up for a Confirmation. 

Please consider the following for the ceremony:

  • Candidates are allowed 4 additional attendees.We understand this may make it difficult for families and we wish we did not have to make it an exclusive event.
  • We will have no rehearsals for any of the Confirmations. Instead we will be having a quick- overview of the procedures for the Rite of Confirmation as the candidates arrive.
  • Confirmation is a special event and the candidates should be dressed up for the occasion. Modesty should also be observed (no short shorts, low-cut tops, ripped jeans etc.).
  • To maintain reverence and social distancing, no photography is permitted during the ceremony or inside the church. Pictures may be taken outside the church.
  • Fr. Olson will be confirming all of the candidates this year due to the Covid-19 crisis

Por favor tenga en consideración lo siguiente para la ceremonia:

  • Los candidatos pueden traer hasta 4 invitados. Entendemos que esto puede ser difícil para algunas familias. Lamentablemente, no hay manera de no hacer este evento exclusivo.
  • No tendremos ensayos para ninguna de las confirmaciones. Tendremos una instrucción ligera de los procedimientos para el Rito de Confirmación a medida que lleguen los candidatos.
  • La Confirmación es un evento especial y los candidatos deben vestir adecuadamente para la occasion. La ropa debe ser modesta (no pantalones cortos, blusas de corte bajo, jeans rotos, etc.).
  • Para mantener la reverencia y el distanciamiento social, no se permitirán fotografías durante la ceremonia o dentro de la Iglesia. Se pueden tomar fotos afuera de la iglesia.
  • El Padre Olson confirmará a todos los candidatos este año, debido a la crisis de Covid-19.


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding Confirmation please contact Melissa Jenkins. 

Registration for 2020-2021 Open Now! 

Click here to register for Youth Group in English or in Spanish (grades 6 - 12 welcome!)

Click here to register for Confirmation in English or in Spanish

*Please note, Confirmation will be a two year program and starts in grade 6


If you have a few extra minutes - please click on the picture and take the survey. This survey will help us serve YOU better, especially during this uncertain time. 

At this time we are hoping to have in person classes in the fall, however, we recognize we need to be prepared for anything. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!



Covid-19 Response&Updates for 19-2020 Year

  • Classes will be cancelled the rest of the year. 
  • Please see the make-up for HS Confirmation Class
  • MS Confirmation Touching Safety Class (please use the lesson appropriate for your child's grade/age)
  • MS March 23rd Make-Up
  • MS March 30th Make-Up
  • MS April 6th Make-Up - here
  • MS April 20th Make-Up - here
  • MS April 27th Make-Up - here
  • MS May 3rd Make-Up - here

Please pray abudantly for our Church, and those affected by the COVID-19! The Archbishop asked us to specifically pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Seattle. 


Contact: Melissa Jenkins   425-353-1211 x117


Upcoming Events:


July 9th at 7PM - Confirmation

July 12th at 6:30PM - Confirmation

July 16th at 7PM - Confirmation

July 19th at 6:30PM - Confirmation

July 25th at 8AM - Confirmation

July 26th at 6:30PM - Confirmation

August 1st at 8AM - Confirmation

August 2nd at 6:30PM - Confirmation

August 9th at 6:30PM - Confirmation


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